Give Your Guests the Best Booking Experience

skybookings™ is an online events booking system that was created with the assistance of clients such as the South African Cricket Board to facilitate bookings for their VIP suites.  The system is designed to end the confusion in the booking process of your events.  From making sure that the right guests have the right invites with the right tickets and spaces allocated to them…  to making sure that your guest register is always up-to-date, and that emails and SMS notifications are always sent on time… It’s all incredibly easy to do in skybookings™ and your VIP guests will truly appreciate your level of professionalism.

End the Confusion.
Throw Away Those Spreadsheets

After setting up your event, skybookings™ allows you to send invitations to your guest list.  As they make bookings, skybookings™ makes it easy for you to accept, cancel, change or even reject bookings.

skybookings™ will also send email and SMS notifications to your guests. For example you can schedule a message to be sent 2 days before an event, reminding your guests about dress code, directions to the venue and the time.

Why Your Events and
Your Reputation are In Safe Hands.

Sell Tickets Online

You can create a booking page for your website within minutes and start selling tickets or taking bookings online.

Fill Up Events Faster

As people book your events, skybookings automatically saves their contact details in your list.  This allows you to reach out them in future and fill up events faster.

Communicate More Efficiently

skybookings™ has a built-in bulk messaging module.  You can easily select contacts and send invites or important messages.  Plus it tracks who opened so you can see your most responsive contacts.

Private Events & Personalised Bookings

You can create a private event. Only people you have explicitly invited will be able to submit bookings online.  Plus, you can personalise each booking by sending invites with pre-allocated tickets while restricting others from seeing those tickets.

Accept, Edit or Decline Bookings

skybookings™ has a page where you can see all your bookings for an event and, with one click, accept, update or even decline bookings.  As you work with your bookings, skybookings™ will keep your contacts informed with automatic notifications.

Electronic Access Control

skybookings™ is an end-to-end electronic system.  No Papers!  When a booking is approved, your guest gets a one-time-pin sent to them via SMS and email, which you can verify at the entrance with skybookings™.

skybookings is Incredibly Easy to Use

skybookings™ is new and it uses some of the latest design techniques to make it intuitive and incredibly easy to use.  Try it, in 10 minutes from now you could be ready to start taking bookings online or selling your tickets to the world.

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